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- "Practice makes perfect."

- "When you focus your mind on making money only for yourself, you will find it difficult to become rich. If you focus first on giving – thinking only of making others lives a little easier – you will find tremendous wealth and happiness."

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Robert Kiyosaki opens people's eyes to financial skills that are passed on from rich parents to their children. These skills are different than those that are passed on by poor or middle class families. A selection of products are available ranging from the bestselling book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad to software and board games Cashflow®.
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The Cashflow® games are an especially good and fun way to increase financial awareness because they show our true behavior. By seeing true behavior, participants are able to use the games as learning tools that can translate into financial skills in the real world. The Cashflow® games will not only teach about money, but about finances and accounting as well. Try them today! Play the Cashflow® the e-game - it was created to teach the basics of finance and investing and let you practice without risking your own money. The more you play, the more you learn. Choose to be rich! Start playing now! Cashflow the e-game demo. Download to learn more...

As a special offer, you can download a small demo remake absolutely FREE! It has the Cashflow®-like interface and simpified graphics. It looks like a real game. You can start a new game and play, you also can move to fast track. The program is designed in Russia to show you the main benefits of playing the original Cashflow® the e-game before buying it. You have no time limits to test the demo. If you like the game, please, buy full version at Robert's site. It's much better!

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Cashflow® 101 + 202 the e-game demo remake v.1.2 (23.08.2013) 61,3 Mb You can test this demo remake for free. No music, no video, no animation. Two games in one. Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. download demo